We sculpt immersive web experiences that transcend expectations.

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About CyberByte Forge

Cyber Byte Forge stands as a testament to the fusion of exceptional talent and creative synergy between Wake Anderson and Alvin Lim. Their journey began when Wake, the founder of SoundBridge, LLC, a trailblazing music software company, crossed paths with Alvin, a visionary graphics designer hailing from the Philippines. Together, they emerged as a dynamic force, pooling their diverse expertise to craft state-of-the-art websites that redefine digital experiences.

Wake's background in music, coupled with his extensive proficiency in C++ for music software development and web development, positions him as an exceptionally skilled developer and product designer. Meanwhile, Alvin's mastery lies in crafting minimalist yet captivating modern UI designs and leveraging graphical frameworks to create cutting-edge visuals. With a portfolio boasting hundreds of websites, Alvin brings a wealth of experience and an innate knack for modern design paradigms.

Their collaboration commenced with the ambitious task of redesigning and reconstructing SoundBridge's website from the ground up, encompassing the creation of three pivotal licensing and operational APIs vital for business functionality. The culmination of their efforts materialized in the launch of the website in October 2023, marking a significant milestone achieved within a span of four months.

The impact was resounding—this collaborative effort resulted in a system boasting an impressive 30% conversion rate. Not only did it elevate SoundBridge from freeware software to a prominent player in the music software space, but it also paved the path for their sustained success, establishing Cyber Byte Forge as a powerhouse in crafting digital solutions that transcend expectations.


Our mission is to craft cutting-edge websites that transcend creativity, precision, and conversion. We pledge to blend innovation and expertise to deliver state-of-the-art web solutions that captivate audiences, drive engagement, and seamlessly convert visitors into loyal clients. With a commitment to delivering on time and within budget, we forge digital experiences that not only meet but exceed expectations, setting new standards for excellence in the realm of web development.


We deeply value the establishment of robust, trusted partnerships with our clients. Our commitment extends beyond mere service provision; we prioritize fostering enduring relationships built on trust, transparency, and mutual respect. Understanding the significance of cost efficiency, we strive to offer tailored solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations while keeping costs low. Our primary goal is to empower our clients with tools and strategies that not only succeed but pave the way for sustainable profitability, transforming their vision into a thriving and prosperous entity.



Specializing in the creation of vibrant, state-of-the-art websites, we pride ourselves on delivering to-the-point web apps that are extremely stable and convert
Our commitment to consistency, code readability, and maintainability leaves you with a website that requires the least amount of long-term maintenance possible
This is an image of a couple of vikings.
This is an image of a couple of vikings.


Our Process Flow

Our web development journey begins with an immersive 1-on-1 brainstorming experience tailored to each client. We believe in forging collaborative partnerships, where client visions take center stage. Our process is more than just a meeting—it's an interactive dialogue, a fusion of our expertise and your aspirations. We delve into your objectives, exploring ideas, and conceptualizing solutions together. Through this intimate exchange, we unravel your unique needs, aspirations, and challenges, setting the foundation for a bespoke digital strategy. From ideation to execution, our 1-on-1 brainstorming sessions pave the way for transformative web solutions that resonate with your vision and drive unparalleled success.
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We only deal with the most tested open source frameworks and APIs that are safe and proven to significantly decrease client frustration. Intuitive performant tech that simply gets the job done.

The CyberByte Forge logo.The CyberByte Forge logo.The CyberByte Forge logo.

CyberByte Forge

The CyberByte Forge logo.The CyberByte Forge logo.The CyberByte Forge logo.

CyberByte Forge

The CyberByte Forge logo.The CyberByte Forge logo.The CyberByte Forge logo.

CyberByte Forge

The CyberByte Forge logo.The CyberByte Forge logo.The CyberByte Forge logo.

CyberByte Forge

The CyberByte Forge logo.The CyberByte Forge logo.The CyberByte Forge logo.

CyberByte Forge

The CyberByte Forge logo.The CyberByte Forge logo.The CyberByte Forge logo.

CyberByte Forge

The CyberByte Forge logo.The CyberByte Forge logo.The CyberByte Forge logo.

CyberByte Forge


Services Provided

  • Idea & Concept

    We develop projects from scratch and would gladly provide suggestions on the client's initial idea and concept. We have over a decade of real-world experience and arrange brainstorming meetings to develop a successful project. During these meetings, we want to get into the head of your target market, understanding their pains and the solution you're providing to elevate those pains. You and your vision is not just 'another client' we're onboarding - you have our full attention to detail.

  • UX/UI Design

    Designed with conversion in mind, we design captivating interfaces that entice your audience and guide them toward a conversion-driven path. We want to induce a trance in which the user feels excited and willing to be onboarded. Programmatically leading them to the next step in the conversion process with little Easter eggs of comical and artistic relief, we'll make your prospects think, "They are so good at development; they even had the time and energy to add these cute little details."

  • Web Development

    We don't mess around with web development. We utilize the latest and most affordable tech, and we'll never suggest some technology that contains skyrocketing variable costs; only tech with flat, predictable monthly fees that are well within any startup's budget. We pay attention to performance, accessibility, best practices, and SEO scores as we develop from the initial commit. We ensure that standards are maintained, and code readability and maintainability are our highest priorities.

  • Monetization

    We can build complete licensing and monetization APIs for native and mobile applications. We can also help strategize ideas for monetization and turn your ideas, regardless of how intricate, into a reality. We've built subscription and one-time purchase APIs and have experience with the latest PayPal API developments. Locking people in and out of software based on license and purchase status is our bread and butter.

  • Conversion Rate Optimization

    We have over ten years of experience building authentic relationships with users that onboard programmatically through incredibly designed UX/UI. We use multi-variable and A/B testing to understand the perfect combination of messaging needed to get users to the next step, understand the art of the landing page, and have a formula proven to drive results.

  • Documentation & Training

    Upon completing a successful project, we leave you with complete documentation, in-code comments, and personal training to ensure you know the entire inner workings of your newly created website. We're not in the business of keeping you addicted to our development services; we want you to be independent and on your own. However, we're here for you if you'd like us to maintain the site moving forward and respond to issues.


Our Works

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  • An image of the Meta Skills interface.
  • An image of the Meta Skills interface.
  • An image of the Conve interface.
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Our Stories

"CyberByte Forge has become like family to us at They have been an integral part of scaling our company in our creative development over the last four quarters, and we're looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship with them. I enthusiastically recommend CyberByte Forge if you want to take your company to new heights."
Brian Freeman
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